Thursday, 23 March 2017

Freak power motherfuckers

Imagine if Hunter or Jello had won:
What could they have really done?
Freak power, motherfuckers! Don't bogart the Jimson weed:
The world's turned out more fucked up than either did forsee.

Monday, 6 March 2017

The several disrespects of Carlton Wuck / Luckton Carr effects residual saviour: Part One

Carlton Wuck
Took for his sustenance bat faeces and the residue of wet dreams
Neither hermit nor hobbit
He existed in tarclammed paper strewn and stewing behind a disused garage
And that is the first disrespect of Carlton Wuck.

Carlton Wuck
Hid himself and his frame behind a chimney stack fallen from a disused scout hut
Randy, ratty and ragged
He masturbated as he watched the stompy joy and angry happiness of a protest march pass him by
And that is the second disrespect of Carlton Wuck.

Luckton Carr effects despond; says that this fast and
Flying gas-mark, grotesque roach of angriness happily stands: Boy, grumbly; her wrathfully. That they, fatedly
Buggered and grotty, shady
Twot-fought; abused aplomb more than Brahimly. A reminder came: this, in itself, fed
Luckton Carr.

Luckton Carr effects this worst: the instant and
Ravaged, misused and maligned, accruing later bardamned in twistedly-
Shod, bitter, permittedly-
seamless lassisitude. Our man’s reasons can’t countenance this formbook:
Luckton Carr.


1. We have nothing. We are frustrated. Nobody listens to us.

2. It is not your fault.

1. Ah. That's good to know. So whose fault is it?

2. Theirs.

1. Theirs? Not yours?

2. No, don't be silly. How could you even think of asking that? It's Theirs. Look at them. They look different. They speak differently. Look at them. They are the ones. They did it all.

1. Did what, exactly?

2. It. It was them, it will be them and it always has been them. The future is at risk.

1. Yes. I see it. They must not come in.

2. Yes because They want/want to destroy what is Ours.

1. Yes. Yes! Stop them! How can we stop them?

2. You need to vote out. Then They can't tell you what to do any more.

1. Yes! Yes! Out! Out! Democracy!

2. Yes.

1. Are you absolutely sure it's not just, you know, a little bit, sort of, your fault?

2. No, don't be silly. How could you even think of asking that? It's Theirs. Look at them. They look different. They speak differently. Look at them. They are the ones. They did it all. You voted out. Democracy! They want/want to destroy what is Ours.

1. Yes! Out means out! Ours is ours! They want/want to destroy what is Ours! They want to take our jobs/cheat our benefits system! Out! Out! Out!

2. That's it. Democracy! The people have spoken.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

righter wrests

An arsonist. A narcissist. A fantasist. Infanticist.
Words in waves, worlds wave past.
A wrestler. A Westerner. An imager. Imaginer.
Whiles and wiles. Wails and Wales.

A spectacler. Spectacular. Bipolar and binocular.
Phrases pave. Praises pave least.
A spender. A suspender. A renderer. Incenderer.
Trials and tiles. Tails and tales.

A fighter. A frightener. A straightener. A shaper.
Living lies. Lying grave at last.
A converter. A comforter. A listener. A lessoner.
The righter writes. Rails and regales.

Saturday, 31 December 2016



Friday, 25 November 2016

the anticulturalist: war

war is the inevitable consequence of unfettered breeding and an idle population

it is borne on anger at being intellectually malnourished to the point of not having means to express the frustration

in this case nebulous concepts called national pride, honour, virility and other useless lies become methods of self-identification

the rulers, being educated and wily, prey on this as a distraction to stop the population becoming equally educated and therefore a threat

it is also employed in order to keep the flow of money to their own circle and the circles of their friends and their enemies alike through lethal technology transportation weapons uniforms and all the accroutements necessary for a brilliant war to tick all the boxes

it is also employed as entertainment for a population being educated in their own downfall

war is therefore implemented by rulers as an anticulturalist device for their own self-interest and perpetuation of their own bloodline with no need for further explanation or justification other than those the rulers choose to give for their own ends